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From The Desk of Matthew Graves, Creator of WebBizInsider and TopTierTraffic.

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The Web's Most User-Friendly Traffic Exchange!

SplashPageSurfer brings a whole new level of functionality to the Traffic Exchange Universe! It makes Traffic Exchange advertising as easy as "point and click" to setup your promotions and control your advertising. It's state of the art downline builder will rocket your sign ups in every program we support! Traffic Exchanges, Safelists, List Builders, E Books, Advertising Tools, the whole spectrum is represented in here.

The core of the system is our new, proprietary scripts which were written just for SplashPageSurfer! When we launched WebBizInsider, it was version 1.0, TopTierTraffic was version 2.0. SplashPageSurfer is running the latest and greatest, version 3.0! With the enhanced downline builder and Easy Setup for Sites, Banners, Text Ads and Emails, you will definitely see the difference!

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